Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Great Pork Rind Experiment

Steve from The Sneeze did a taste test of pickled pork rinds a few years ago that was the inspiration for this post. Before he tried eating them, he emptied the jar of rinds and tried to put them back together again, like all the rinds were from the same pig. Well, pickled pork rinds - I'm not a fan of, especially after reading his comments here- But why not regular fried pork rinds? I bought this little bag (actually I bought another also, that I ate the night before), and tried to put piggy back together again.

So here it is, believe it or not (I've had some doubters, but whatever). Enjoy!

Art Supplies - 99 cents. Hot, Barbeque taste- Priceless.

The especially ugly, hard one that I used for the tail.

It wasn't looking too promising early, and I used every single one!