Saturday, December 22, 2007

So Many Books, So Little Time...

I made this one for my wonderful agent Sorche Fairbank, to send as a calender image to her clients in the book publishing world. [She's the very agent who helped me pick a publisher for my book, haven't you heard that news already? If not, read my previous post, hehe.]

Anyway, I had grand plans to make a special holiday image for this little blog, but the real world (my real job), has gotten the better of me the last few days. The picture here has a lot of red and green in it, so it's got that little bit of a Christmas feel, I guess. Also, there isn't anyone being shot or whatever here, so it's kinda of a cheery image. I know! For the sake of this time of year, let's call it "Reading Christmas Lists". Er, no, let's call it, "Have You Been a Good Little Book This Year?". Yeah, that's it!