Friday, April 18, 2008

The winner, plus an image in progress.

It was a difficult judging. So many good entries. See, this is the magical thing about this internet thing- the coming together of people to share their talent, creativity, and knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the entries, from the beautiful haikus, to the twisted limericks, to the very entertaining short poems. Great stuff. I hope you all had fun, I know I did.

My wife and I disagreed slightly about our favorites, which goes to show that this is truly just one persons' opinion. I thought the winner was both beautiful, and had a wonderful little twist at the end (not unlike a pair of panties when they get up in a bunch).

sharonmattnadia said... Sonnet

Beneath a cotton cloth of purest white
The yeasty dough is set aside to rise
The goddess of the hearth approves the rite
The towel's swelling shape elicits sighs

The shrub that Flora tends upon the sward
that wafts a fertile springtime fragrance fine
in winter yields the eye its own reward
as wind-borne snow distills its graceful line

The goddess of the night divides the dome
of starry heaven with her perfect arc
She smiles upon the baker in her home
and dances on the snowdrift in the park

Such forms inspire but merit not a glance
beside you in your cotton underpants

Again, thanks for all the entries. There were several worthy of free underwear!

Also, I'm teaming up with Skulladay for an image. Here's one of the characters that I made for it. I'll be mailing my end of it to Noah so he can add his special magic. Of course, I'll give you a heads up when he posts the finished piece.