Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Left My Art, In Cincinnati...

We went to Cincinnati recently, and I forgot some little wire doodles all around town. It's kind of like throwing messages in a bottle into the ocean, because I always wonder if I'll hear from anyone who may find one of them. I usually write " 'Bent Objects' - Google it" somewhere on them. In all the times I've done it though, I've never heard from anyone. They might all get lost, or thrown away. That's OK though, because the fun is in the doing!

Made this little fish-like character....

And forgot him outside the Newport, Kentucky Aquarium. That's Cincinnati in the background.

Made this crying eyeball thing...

And forgot him in the cheese section of Jungle Jims Grocery Store (a pretty cool place).

Made this guys little body out of wire and the complimentary bottle of moisturizer from our hotel. I forgot him inside that building in the background- The City Museum (Cincinnati).

I forgot this little character right here on this shelf, which was next to our table in a restaurant. He was an empty box of Boston Baked beans that we bought at the grocery store where we left the crying eye.

Cincinnati is a good town, and we had a good time.

If you ever go there and you like art, make sure you visit their contemporary art museum. Very nice.