Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One hundred Fifth Bent Objects Object Nomination Process

Hello friends!

Here's your chance to mention an object that you want me to use in an image to be posted here on Bent Objects. The last winner was Ice Cube, which gave me a lot of trouble, but I persevered! I've just now recovered from that one, so I think I'm ready for another.

The usual rules-

The object has to be something inexpensive (cheap), or something I probably already have around the house (No, I don't have an I-phone, so a big "no" to that one).

Mention one object that you'd be interested me incorporating into an image. Warning- I only count the first one that you mention.

Finally- Vote for an object that someone else has already mentioned, so that we get some sort of voting process going on.

Attention! Polls are now closed. No more comments allowed.

I also have a question for you experienced Youtube, Vimeo, etc. people out there. -
What's a good little camera that would be good for that kind of stuff. I would like to start making some videos about Bent Object images as they are being made.
Thanks for any help you can give me!