Friday, September 26, 2008

P is for Pizza Party

I'm going to do some aimed more at kids. Don't worry, I'll still be posting some sick and twisted stuff too.

Also, I got a note from my friend Noah, from, and thought I'd pass it along-

I am extremely happy to announce that my book "SKULLS" will officially be in US stores the first week of October!
It features 150 annotated images from the first half of my Skull-A-Day project (it had to go to print in February to come out now!), including a few DIY skulls and work by fans.

It's already for sale online at places like (, Powells' ( and Barnes & Noble (, though I encourage you to order it from your local independent bookstore (if you still have one) via Indie Bound (

Noah is a great guy that I got to collaborate with on an image. I really enjoyed his work of making a skull out of a new medium every single day for a year. I hope you all check out his book when you get a chance.