Sunday, October 26, 2008

Colonel Sander's Home State

Over my daughter's Fall break (four day weekend), we made a trip to our neighboring state of Kentucky, and took her to Mammoth Cave ( it is a HUGE cave system ). I'd taken one of the tours as a kid some thirty years ago, and my wife and daughter both enjoyed it. We also went Alpine Sliding, hiking, biking, (gee, this makes us sound so out-doorsy and active! ).

I left a 2 buck tip for the house-keeping person at our Hotel in the hands of a plastic fork. I can only imagine the reaction upon sighting my generosity - "What the *&$@ is this?"

On the way back we spent the afternoon at the Louisville Zoo (where we were excited to see a colony of naked mole rats, because we're fans of Kim Possible). It was there that I left a clothes pin bird that I spent way too much time making in the car, and then in a hotel room.

Oh, the terrible feeling of rejection. I subtly set the bird down near one of the exhibits with a sticky note in it's mouth clearly reading "Take Me Home. Courtesy Bent Objects". So we're heading back out of the exhibit just in time to see a young mother noticing it, and bending down to read the note. My wife is whispering to me as we walk by, "Oh look! Oh look!", because we've never seen anyone actually find one of my wire things. I take a peek back after we walk 10 yards or so, to see she and her child walking away with the bird still there. Quite humbling. Ha!!

(it is kinda scary ugly looking)
On a separate note- cool dioramas.