Monday, November 03, 2008

Mr. Mustache Comb Guy

When we took our little four day getaway in Kentucky a few weeks ago, my wife and daughter forgot their hairbrushes (I don't have much need for them nowadays). The front desk of the hotel was nice enough to give them a couple of these pocket combs, which was one more than they really needed, I thought.

I sat down on the hotel bed and doodled this guy one evening after we took a tour through Mammoth Cave. He kind of reminds me of 1977.

He's on his way to L.A. now after being purchased from my Etsy Shop. I've got a couple of new things there, and hope to add some more, but I'm notoriously slow in that department. I rarely repeat myself, which has hampered my ability to have much in there. Almost every single one is an improvisation on each bend of the wire, and the concept behind it.


My fellow Americans, Let's all get out there and vote! No matter which candidate that you think is best for our futures, we all are in this together, and I hope that we can soon close some of the rifts between us that have been created by this whole process.