Thursday, November 06, 2008

Soup Timer

It's kind of a functional caricature.

This piece, called Soup Timer is designed so that the moment you feel the world's attention is focused on you and only you, you can set the timer so that you'll know when your time is up. It's embarrassing to keep acting like a somebody, when you're quite clearly not anyone of importance at all.

It's a piece of functional art that I've recently started making now and then (it's in my Etsy shop). And thanks to those who have purchased something recently, it's much appreciated, and I'm trying to put a new thing or two in there when I get a chance.


I had hoped to make a Hansel and Gretel themed image to post along with this link. For those in the Indianapolis area, check it out. I've previewed it already, and there are some wonderful pieces there by all of your favorite New Yorker Magazine artists! Very kid friendly also.

Maybe I'll get an idea over the weekend to post here at Bent Objects, but no promises!