Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A P*** Poor Post

Here's a photo anyway. I call it a "breadbug", because it's one of those thingy's that keep the wrapper closed (though it's really from a bag of potato's, but I always think of bread wrappers when I see 'em, so there you go).

I've been very busy with various projects, none of which I've made a ton of progress with. Though I made a Christmas image that I'm very,very happy with, but can't post right now. I'm working with my editor on some stuff, and I've got a fella who is representing me in the way of trying to get my work on greeting cards and such (hence the Christmas image...did I mention how happy I am with it?).

I do have some ideas for things that I will post here no matter what. And whatever images my publisher can't fit in the book will also make their way here fairly soon. So hang in there, friends and visitors.

I'm also trying to get some more stuff on my Etsy soon that's priced around the 50 to 75 dollar range that sells so well. As I've mentioned before though, I don't care to make duplicates, and even variations on something takes time for me to figure out.

Ok, blah blah blah, sometimes I post like I'm getting paid by the word. I'm done.