Sunday, January 11, 2009

Holy Crap!

Vote for an object in the poll to the right.  I was going to have one more day of nominations, but geez, we have more than enough.

There were a couple of nominations that I didn't list (you know who you are, you nasty people). There may be a day that you see those somewhere else.

Thanks for everyone's participation.

Edit- Yeah, I know the list is pretty much insanely long, and I won't do it again like this, but I believe it may be the longest list poll in Blogger history!   A record will cherish.  You've got to admit, It's kind of an intriguing thing to look at.  ( Plus, this blog pretty much earns it's living by being kind of screwy, so it's not too much out of the norm.)

2nd Edit- After twelve hours of voting over a Sunday night, we've got 161 votes, a couple of glitches, and some complaints about the poll.   Train wreck or no, press on, dear friends, because I'm not redoing it! Let's just see what happens.