Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Saturday Morning Cartoon

I got this idea from my friends over at the d'ArteBoard. No it's not wire wrapped around objects, but this is my blog, so there. In the U.S., as long as I can remember, Saturday morning cartoons are something kids look forward to watching while they eat their sugary cereals.

Milton was a classic cartoon that I'd watch after I got home from school in the 70's. It's Halloween today, so it's a good fit. At least watch the opening song. It's awesome.

Our 12 year old and I both have gmail accounts, and she gets upset when she goes to check her email on our laptop, and I haven't signed out. The other day I received this email from her gmail address, but it wasn't from her, it was from Ted from gmail, or so he said.

(One more thing, I'm always telling her to delete some of her old messages, which are many, but she refuses.)

Dear G-mail participant,

Every once and a while we check on our G-mail users to

make sure everything is going smoothly. We have only one

complaint, you have not been signing out. We have no other

complaints and we believe that we are lucky to have

you using our sight. It may seem as if you are getting this

form someone else but, we are sending this to you from

the person who first filed the complaint that you were not

signing out. We can not say this person because it is being

sent to all the others who don't sign out. We will still let

you use G-mail, we just like to make G-mail a better

experience for everyone. Please enjoy using G-mail

and please sign out.


Ted Lamasso

Remember- There is no need to delete because G-mail is big.

Thank you again, Ted.

Have a wonderful day.


One more thing- The art of Kevin Van Aelst