Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happily working on a commission.

I made a few images for OXO International a while back, and I'm happy to say that they've asked me to do another. I'm thrilled that they picked the particular idea that I came up with. It'll make it here eventually on the blog, and it's gonna be pretty good, I think.

Here's a party invite image I made for them. A "Get ready to party" idea.

If there are any other peeps willing to commission a person who is wired a little weird, please get in touch. Our bank account could use an infusion, because we like brand name cereals (we're classy like that).

A couple more things-

Some people don't know that my book is hardback. I feel happy, and lucky, to say that it is. Still plenty of time to order 1, or 2, or 50 for holiday gifts.

And I guess this video was viral a few years ago, but that must have been before my time here on the internet. It's a video of a flash mob dancing to a Sound of Music song. Haven't seen it? It's cooler than it may sound, and it will make you happy.