Wednesday, December 09, 2009

And then I got some good news...

So I was a bit depressed when I posted this morning. Then I remembered something I read on Twitter last night when someone mentioned "Bent Objects". She tweeted about laughing while reading my book in the MOMA gift shop. The MOMA store might be selling my book? I made a cup of tea and looked at their website. Bummer. It wasn't listed. But I picked up the phone and called the store itself.

The sales clerk who answered said a quick, "We should", when I asked if they had the book Bent Objects. She put me on hold while she went to look. "Yes, we have a copy wrapped in plastic. Should I hold it for you?" My mood was the polar opposite of just 2 minutes before. I happily told her that I was the book's author, and that she had made my day by telling me that they stocked my book. She said that they've been recommending the book a lot, and a quick look at a computer screen showed her that they've sold 35 copies so far.(!)

I've been feeling pretty good ever since that call. We don't need anything nearly this big (it's big as far as I'm concerned) to go celebrate, so you can bet we're going out tonight to do something, somewhere. I know I shouldn't need validation for my work, but you know what? I do. I've said before that since my book is usually stocked in the "Humor" section of stores, there's always a part of me that wants it to be in the "Arts" section, even though it's probably served better to not be. The part of me that struggles to be an artist does feel validated. That part of my brain is very, very happy right now.