Thursday, January 21, 2010

And the winner is...

Commenter #41 abilocity. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Again, if there's another image that you particularly like and want a print of, if it's not in the book, we can probably make it happen.

Also- The book has been out since early October, and I still haven't been asked to be guest on a national television show. C'mon now! With all the really bad programming that I see, surely Bent Objects has to be better than some of it. Like I said before, I need to add a chapter on weight loss in my next book, because that's the one sure way of being asked to be on TV in the U.S.

And- Bent Objects is educational! You heard it here first. Need proof? Here's a letter I received recently-

Dear Mr. Border-
My name is Anne Scatchell and I am an ELL/Bilingual teacher at Glenn Westlake Middle School in Lombard, IL. I work with kids in grade 6-8 who come from many countries and speak many languages. We try to make things as visual as we can for them as we work to improve their English skills.

I recently read How the Brain Learns by David Sousa and he explains how important humor is in getting people to relax and engage in the classroom. I went to the bookstore and was lucky enough to find your Bent Objects! (although I did have to weed out the few "not school appropriate ones!)

Your images are a perfect way to get the kids talking!! I am able to intrduce new vocabulary at times, irony and the kids can use their imaginations in coming up with words for the characters. They look forward to coming to my classes because they know they will get to see a new "bent scene". It's a great way to get them warmed up for the learning that follows!

ELL/Bilingual is the largest growing area in education across the US. I would be happy to help you any way I can to get the word out to other teachers!!

Thanks for a great tool to use with my students and a book that brings many smiles to so many!

A fan-

Thanks for the letter, Anne! Very cool.