Monday, January 11, 2010

I want to talk to you.

Terry Border at Gel 2008 from Gel Conference on Vimeo.

Above is my presentation at the Gel Conference in 2008, when I found that I'm not a bad speaker. In school I was absolutely terrified of speaking and giving presentations of any kind, and would actually break out in a rash just thinking about it, and when Mark Hurst of Gel asked me to speak in NYC that April, I wasn't so sure. The surprising thing to me was, I learned that if you are speaking about what you love, and it's what you do, it's actually fun to talk about it in front of people. It's not as if someone in the audience was going to stand up and say, "No, no, that's not how to combine wire and objects to make anthropomorphic scenarios!" Not much for me to be nervous of there.

So do you have a conference of any kind that needs a few moments for laughs, or a few words about being open to change, or perseverance? I've spoken several times since the above presentation, and it's always gone very well. Haven't fallen off the stage yet. Get me to your conference and put a little food in my belly and I'll do my best to amuse, inform, and entertain.