Sunday, June 27, 2010

AfghaniSnail ( 2001-? )

 Two and a half inches long, one inch and three-quarter inches high. Fimo-type clay.


 Also- Winner of the Contest-

Thanks to all you great people who sent photos of your celebrations in honor of SOSAD, Strangely Orange Snack Appreciation Day.  They ranged from preschool parties to semi-non safe for work videos, and I enjoyed them all. 
That being said, the winner is Rachel Kassman who seemed to celebrate with the largest group (even though some might have been interns who were there possibly against their will), and they had the largest variety of snacks also.  I sincerely hope the rest of you found that eating orange food is a reward in itself. 

I'll post the wire sculpture of Rachel's choice, and which I will then send to Rachel, sometime in the near future. You can go here to see the winning celebration.