Sunday, November 21, 2010

English Breakfast

I absolutely love the English, but their food is another thing entirely. (confession, I wasn't thinking about the English people's eating of beans for breakfast when I was making this. More like America's eating of "Beans and Franks", but I usually title things last moment, so here we are).

Speaking of England, an email friend from there, P K Munroe sent me his new book "You Can Stick It" (click the link for another person's description). I happen to think he's a rather clever fellow on a couple of fronts, so I want to give him a plug here.
My review- A sticker book for adults, whose publishers state- "We do not sanction any use which would deface or damage private or public property. No matter how amusing that may be."  Ha! Yeah, right. But don't worry, for those people who wouldn't want to deface public property etc., I would heartily recommend getting this book for the sheer fun of putting stickers on gifts to friends. It has subtle fake wine labels, a variety of stickers for book jackets ( "Winner of obscure prize", "Makes the film of the book look good"), DVD's ("Warning, may contain sluts"), CD's ("Difficult Second Album", "Contains Greatist Hit"), etc. Fun.