Monday, September 24, 2007

Does anyone want to help me with a title?

We're putting together the book proposal now, which will (as I understand it) be shopped around to various publishers. At this point, it will be organized in various chapters according to the kind of objects I use in each image (kitchen objects, bathroom and medicine cabinet, garage, etc). I've just started thinking about what it should be called, but my literary agent has been very impressed with the level of intelligence and humor of this blogs' readers, and thought you should be given a chance to throw in your ideas.

This isn't really a contest, but then again I guess it is. I don't have a prize in mind yet, let's just say that if I do choose one of your titles, I'll make sure you walk away with some kind of something or other.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sporky the Spork-Faced Sporkboy

This is the final shot for this one. For those who saw the progress over the weekend and commented, thank you. I've deleted those images from the blog (you only need so many images of a spork per blog).

I could go on rearranging the crowd, etc. forever. It's time for something else.