Sunday, December 21, 2008

For My Jewish Friends-

Happy Hanukkah, Channukah!

I don't happen to be Jewish, but I managed to make these potato latkes. We ate the rest of the batch, and decided they are pretty good, even without sour cream. Their deep-fried goodness would fit right in an Indiana breakfast buffet, right between the hash browns and the grits.

I think I got this scene right. Those are foil wrapped chocolate coins that are called "Chanukkah Gelt".

For those that are curious, latkes don't wear yarmulkes. Ask any Rabbi. So don't give me any pointers on that!

Thanks to a Facebook friend, Juliana, and Hagar, from Israel, for their special help on this one.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I posted this link on my Facebook page, and some people got a kick out of it, so I thought I'd move it on over to Bent Objects.  This is a link to an anagram generator, where a person can type in a name or whatever and see what other words can be made from the same letters.

The name of one friend of mine actually has no anagrams, while other names have in the tens of thousands!  My best choice was "Derby Terror", while a friend's first and last names added up to an awesome one word anagram-  "Tortellini".

 Feel free to post your favorite in the comments section here, so we can all be in awe, or make fun.

An image is to be posted soon.  

Friday, December 12, 2008

Dream Job

Warning! Bare Breasts in this post!
( I was asked to insert this warning)

I'm not going to say much, but the post below includes a small photograph by Man Ray. It is art. The photo hangs in public museums. It is not erotic in my opinion.

But you have been warned.

"Dream Job"

The woman is Lee Miller, a great photographer in her own right. Her photo here was taken by the great Man Ray (one of my favorite artists of all time).

And the winner is...

The winner of the Pooper-clip holder is Bags!  

Thanks to everyone who entered by taking the time to watch my video!


I've been trying to add something from the interwebs to make this post more interesting for all the losing people, but I haven't had any caffeine, and it just isn't happening.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Just finished the paperclip, er I mean POOPerclip holder prize thingy.

Some people might ask, "Terry, why didn't you at least craft it into a bird, or maybe a dog pooperclip holder?" My answer? I can see an idea like that actually being commercially successful, so I can see it being commercially produced already (if it already hasn't-- I haven't looked). Where I think that this is in just enough bad taste that it might remain the only one of it's kind.

As I said, this is a prize that I'll be giving out. I think I'll draw the winning name on Friday morning. Anyone who still wants to throw their name in the hat can go here and write a somewhat intelligent comment after watching one of the videos! The comments have been great, and I want to thank everyone who has commented on my video so far. So many very nice words. They warm my twisted heart.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Had a request for another sunglasses bird...

So I made one, but it's morphed into what can be described as a kind of peacock, where the other was more of a flamingo I think.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

I know what I'm making out of that paperclip holder.

Yes, I do. If you don't know what I'm talking about go here. For those who do know what I'm talking about, rest assured it will be made with a dose of immature, bad taste. The kind of bad taste that makes 10 year old boys (and me) laugh.

I've been told several times that I'm not giving myself enough credit for my presentation video from the Gel conference. I've mentioned that many people have really enjoyed it, but I guess I'm supposed to brag on myself, but let's just say that I think you'll enjoy yourself if you watch it. Alright, alright, I'll admit it- I rocked! I was fantastic! etc, etc,... not once did I fall off the stage!...... anyway- If you watch it in during the next several days, you'll be automatically registered to be in the drawing for the aforementioned "Paperclip Holder Sculpture of Bad Taste". Mark Hurst of Gel has made it possible for me to have the email address of the winning commenter there. (You have to comment THERE at the Gel site at this point to enter).

And it doesn't have to be mine that you comment on, because there are several other videos that are worthy of being watched. Some good stuff there, I think.

Also, I was asked if maybe I would make any hanukkah themed images, or even other faiths. Maybe. As long as I passed the images by people of those faiths, so that I didn't face a jihad or anything.

EDIT- had to add this.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Hey! My Gel Conference Video is up and running!

I was honored last April to fly out to New York City to speak at the Gel Conference. Well, they recorded all the talks, and you can view my talk HERE.

It's a very cool, fun conference that is brimming with interesting people from many walks of life. The first day of the conference is a kind of field trip day, which is a LOT of fun, and in a sneaky way- educational! ha! Check it out!

Hope you enjoy the vid! Feel free to post the link wherever.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A P*** Poor Post

Here's a photo anyway. I call it a "breadbug", because it's one of those thingy's that keep the wrapper closed (though it's really from a bag of potato's, but I always think of bread wrappers when I see 'em, so there you go).

I've been very busy with various projects, none of which I've made a ton of progress with. Though I made a Christmas image that I'm very,very happy with, but can't post right now. I'm working with my editor on some stuff, and I've got a fella who is representing me in the way of trying to get my work on greeting cards and such (hence the Christmas image...did I mention how happy I am with it?).

I do have some ideas for things that I will post here no matter what. And whatever images my publisher can't fit in the book will also make their way here fairly soon. So hang in there, friends and visitors.

I'm also trying to get some more stuff on my Etsy soon that's priced around the 50 to 75 dollar range that sells so well. As I've mentioned before though, I don't care to make duplicates, and even variations on something takes time for me to figure out.

Ok, blah blah blah, sometimes I post like I'm getting paid by the word. I'm done.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Sunglasses Bird

I bought these great glasses super cheap the other day. I didn't know what I was going to do with them until I took them apart, then this creature seemed like the natural thing to make.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Hair is a funny.

It's one of those things that we have many different strong feelings about, depending on where we find it.

And to those with who have kids, or know kids 9 to 18 in Indianapolis- remember that I'm doing an activity this Saturday, November 29th. It will be at the FANTASTIC Indianapolis Municipal Public Library downtown. Info here. I think it will be fun.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Four Forked Feline

I thought I'd post something that I made the other day. I could imagine Bent Objects Widgets being deleted from personal pages around the world, so that their owners wouldn't have to see my last post 24/7!

Anyway, I was looking for something to incorporate this plastic cutlery into, and decided that this was the best use of it. The forks are leftover from last years S.O.S.A.D. event (a day for enjoying only strangely orange food). It hangs from fishing line.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


More flesh colored fimo clay. Taking a break from wire for a day or two.

Edit- Sept 13, 2011- Lots of people are visiting this post lately and I'd love to know why. Can you tell me? My email.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some fun links, and a notice for kids in Indianapolis.

Yeah, yeah, I know. You come here for the funny haha's and bent wire stuff. I've got a good idea for a piece, but it's more of a "yeah, this must mean something profound" instead of a "I wish I had a poster of this for my dorm room" kind of thing I'm afraid. Sorry! But I don't feel like being up til one a.m. making it and posting it though, so this other stuff will have to do.

First some great links (if I do say so myself).

#1. Tilt shift photography meets stop motion film making - A short, well worth watching video about it.

#2. An artist who I just found out about, but he's been doing great things since the early nineties. I'm just out of the loop, I guess. His name? David Shrigley. His photos, his sculptures, and his animations.

#3. A portrait blog of people's portraits. Color portraits of fashionable hairstyles just don't age well. Send your 20 year old portrait in for people to comment on. Go ahead, I dare you.

For those of you who live in Indianapolis or it's suburbs (I know there are a few of you out there, although I think I have more visitors from the Singapore than within my own metropolitan area), I'm going to the Indianapolis Public Library to hear Tyler Green give a talk Thursday evening (Nov. 13, 08). Information about what he's speaking on is here.

Also, if you're still reading this- I'll be speaking to, and working with children at the big beautiful library November 29th at 2 p.m. If you're interested, you may want to register your child (9-18 years old) ahead of time. Info is here! Space is limited.

If you do live in the Indy area and haven't visited the new downtown Public Library, then let me tell you, you're really missing a beautiful place. It's a wonderful piece of architecture that our tax dollars built that ordinary people like us can actually enter for free! (unlike a certain gigantic football stadium that I can't afford tickets to set foot in).

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Soup Timer

It's kind of a functional caricature.

This piece, called Soup Timer is designed so that the moment you feel the world's attention is focused on you and only you, you can set the timer so that you'll know when your time is up. It's embarrassing to keep acting like a somebody, when you're quite clearly not anyone of importance at all.

It's a piece of functional art that I've recently started making now and then (it's in my Etsy shop). And thanks to those who have purchased something recently, it's much appreciated, and I'm trying to put a new thing or two in there when I get a chance.


I had hoped to make a Hansel and Gretel themed image to post along with this link. For those in the Indianapolis area, check it out. I've previewed it already, and there are some wonderful pieces there by all of your favorite New Yorker Magazine artists! Very kid friendly also.

Maybe I'll get an idea over the weekend to post here at Bent Objects, but no promises!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Mr. Mustache Comb Guy

When we took our little four day getaway in Kentucky a few weeks ago, my wife and daughter forgot their hairbrushes (I don't have much need for them nowadays). The front desk of the hotel was nice enough to give them a couple of these pocket combs, which was one more than they really needed, I thought.

I sat down on the hotel bed and doodled this guy one evening after we took a tour through Mammoth Cave. He kind of reminds me of 1977.

He's on his way to L.A. now after being purchased from my Etsy Shop. I've got a couple of new things there, and hope to add some more, but I'm notoriously slow in that department. I rarely repeat myself, which has hampered my ability to have much in there. Almost every single one is an improvisation on each bend of the wire, and the concept behind it.


My fellow Americans, Let's all get out there and vote! No matter which candidate that you think is best for our futures, we all are in this together, and I hope that we can soon close some of the rifts between us that have been created by this whole process.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Colonel Sander's Home State

Over my daughter's Fall break (four day weekend), we made a trip to our neighboring state of Kentucky, and took her to Mammoth Cave ( it is a HUGE cave system ). I'd taken one of the tours as a kid some thirty years ago, and my wife and daughter both enjoyed it. We also went Alpine Sliding, hiking, biking, (gee, this makes us sound so out-doorsy and active! ).

I left a 2 buck tip for the house-keeping person at our Hotel in the hands of a plastic fork. I can only imagine the reaction upon sighting my generosity - "What the *&$@ is this?"

On the way back we spent the afternoon at the Louisville Zoo (where we were excited to see a colony of naked mole rats, because we're fans of Kim Possible). It was there that I left a clothes pin bird that I spent way too much time making in the car, and then in a hotel room.

Oh, the terrible feeling of rejection. I subtly set the bird down near one of the exhibits with a sticky note in it's mouth clearly reading "Take Me Home. Courtesy Bent Objects". So we're heading back out of the exhibit just in time to see a young mother noticing it, and bending down to read the note. My wife is whispering to me as we walk by, "Oh look! Oh look!", because we've never seen anyone actually find one of my wire things. I take a peek back after we walk 10 yards or so, to see she and her child walking away with the bird still there. Quite humbling. Ha!!

(it is kinda scary ugly looking)
On a separate note- cool dioramas.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Appetite for Destruction

Long story short, I wasn't planning to post this yet, but it's what I have available.  So here's the web premier of my Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art installation.  I call it "Appetite for Destruction".  In case you can't tell, I made it while thinking of the big event that's happening in the U.S. in early November.  

This one is a good one to click on to see up close.  

I hope you enjoyed it.  The real thing can be seen in the window of the museum through the rest of the year, I believe.  Like I said before, go to the bar across the street for some good food if you make the trip.  If you want to go inside, check for open hours.  Supposed to be a great show opening in November with a Hansel and Gretel theme.

Right now I'm reading a book my brother gave me-  "The Yiddish Policeman's Union", by Michael Chabon.  Wow, what a book!  This guy can really string a few words together.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Literary Interpretation

All I know is that when this idea came to me, it "clicked" ( I had posted the larger character by itself awhile back, but I new it needed more) . By "clicked", I mean that in my mind, the idea works on at least a couple of levels. Whether it does for anyone else remains to be seen. I have my doubts!

I don't like expanding on what I'm thinking though, so nobody hold their breath on that one.


On another note, Congrats to Matt Green for getting half of the U.K. to vote for his entry in the last contest! ha! ]

Matt and the two mediocre prize winners need to send me their addresses. Yes, I really am giving away the Starbucks card, and Victoria's Secret Panty card. If they aren't claimed in the next week, I can't make any promises that I won't use them myself (coffee for me, underwear for my wife).

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do your part and vote... for the winner of a wire bug.

[EDIT- Polls are closed]

Thanks to all who entered in our little contest give-away for the Paintbrush Bug. It's been an interesting couple of days of checking in on the new entries and comments.

--------------------------------- the winner will get this ^

It was ridiculously hard to narrow the finalists down. Many clever entries were eventually eliminated. Please feel free to curse my name when you don't find your entry in the space that follows, there's a good chance that it deserved to be included, but what can I say? For all the enjoyment that I get from reading the entries as they come in, it's all balanced out by the part where I have to narrow them down. For quite a while, I was going to give up and put them all up for a vote, but that would have been the coward's way out.
[ Edit - My wife saw my choices a half hour after I posted and didn't agree with a couple and wanted me to change something! Too late! ]

Please go to the sidebar to the right to vote.

The contestants-

Blogger punkin said...

Others are bending words into strings of artful thought.

I cannot bend my mind easily along those twists and turns.

My thoughts are visual, following curves of bent and twisted wire where the bits are as interesting as the whole. A conduit of thought.

Blogger Sam said...

My three-year-old son is currently fascinated with bugs and spiders. When I showed him this photo and said you wanted to give it away, he said,


And then,

"How did he DO that?"

From the mouths of babes.

Blogger Lucretius said...

There once was a wiry lass
Who wanted a romp in the grass,
But she got no elation
'Cause her reputation
Was being a paint in the ass.


Blogger artfuldaughter said...

“Zhey’ll sproot vings und fly avay!” mother would scream in her guttural accent...
Inexplicable, as we were from Connecticut.

Tend to your brush, or else.

Her prophecy proved apt. My brush, neglected, fled.

How I was rueful that day. Rueful. Full of rue. Damn my arrogance.

I paint no more.


Blogger blueright said...

A brush - my wand
for with to create
A brush - an object
with secret life that must escape


Blogger mattgreen said...

Drosophila ferrodecorus

Habitat: well composed landscaped areas, often with streams in the foreground.

Ecology: often seen in the summer months predating on eisel and board. Dislikes damp or wet weather.

Status: in decline. Habitat threatened by electronic equipment and mice. Sustained collection and display by enthusiasts have exacerbated the decline.

Blogger AnneMarie said...

Prettily poised, the Parisian Paintbrush Pest pondered her predicament.
“In ipso facto,” she intoned, “I initially intended to
Navigate nearby. Notwithstanding my nervousness, I
Came to the crazy conclusion that a cross-continental cruise was
Exactly the essential elixir I should embrace.
An amazing affair arose, and I’m now artistic!

(The first letter of each line spells the French word for paintbrush - pinceau.)

Blogger Dharam said...

This is a limerick I made using all 100 tiles of the Scrabble game. The last 'u' and 'g' are the blanks:

I joined a paintbrush bug,
Squeezed its fly-eyed mug;
As I received an ovation
For a complex narration,
I work well to get a hug!


and now- The following people have already one some mediocre prizes!

First of all, I must award this used Starbucks card that at one time was worth fifty dollars. I believe it still has a little over $2, maybe even $2.50 on it. Not enough to get one of those expensive drinks with the whipped cream on top, but enough to get a large Iced Americano (my personal drink), or maybe some chocolate covered graham crackers.

This work, which has too many words (there were a few good ones like that) to be in the running to win the bug, tickled my fancy anyway (plus, she's followed this blog for a looong time). Congratulations!

Blogger The Takeout Wench. said...

The paintbrush bug was no ordinary bug.

He taught Michelangelo how to make marble take on an illusion of flesh and muscle,

he taught Vermeer how to paint light,

he taught Monet how to match his brushstrokes to nature's mood,

and he taught Picasso to paint fearlessly, all his inner turmoils.

His last student was by far his favorite --

Suzy, aged three, who loved finger-painting suns and clouds and kitty-cats.

The paintbrush bug taught her to never forget the joy of creating.

Suzy turned 10 and started pencil-sketching, and then she turned 14 and started taking pictures. By 17 she was writing poetry, and in college she took up pottery. The paintbrush bug watched her fall in love, get married, and have children; he sat on her dresser, forgotten but glad.

Suzy never became as famous as Michelangelo, as enterprising as Vermeer, as refined as Monet, or as notorious as Picasso.

Still, she taught her children to create, and find happiness in it, as soon as they were old enough to finger-paint.

The paintbrush bug eventually disappeared from that spot on Suzy's dresser, never to be found --

Maybe if you're lucky, he'll land in your life next.

Next we have johanna, who posted a poem. I had a couple of entries this time that were kind of downers to tell you the truth. I prefer Bent Objects to be a happy, twisted little place (other than my occasional political rant), but I keep the door open in these contests to most anyone who wants to enter. Anyway, I picked johanna's entry for a special prize because because we had something for her that amused me.

Here's her entry-
Blogger johanna said...

Flowers Of Black
a poem

She stands in the middle of the grave

Her flesh turning white as she stands over her own body

She looks around her as she watches her family sob

She is desperate to tell her mother her soul is still alive

Scared that her family wont celebrate the same as before

Watching her father praying to the lord

Everybody with their heads down in one row

Laying flowers on the brown casket

There is no point for flowers

It doesnt make any sense to her

Flowers of black

Flowers are not supposed to die with her

Flowers of black

Every soul always come back

She stands next to her older brother

Wondering if she made him proud

One tear falls from his cheek

She catches that one tear in her pale hand

Feels the salty drop and rubs it on her cheek

Because all she feels is numbness

No emotion left in that soul

But she still feels the warmth in her family

She knows they love her

She died too young but accomplished everything she wanted

She is just so surprised the random people around her

The love is in the air

Even if its love with sadness

In minutes she sees all the flowers in that casket

Flowers of black

Every Hand, every touch she counted

Red flowers turned to flowers of black

Flowers of black

Her soul always comes back

Copyrighted 2007

By : Johee

Here's what I have for you, Johanna. It came in the mail two days ago, and it entitles the person with the card to a pair of free panties the next time you visit Victoria's Secret. You get to choose from white, whisper pink, ivory, buff, or black.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I want to give something away.

It's a paintbrush bug, from the days before I was doing more complex "narratives" with objects. It's been sitting on a shelf here at home for a few years, and it needs a home.

In the past, I've had contests for things. I'm always surprised at the efforts that people put forth for whatever freebies I post. I'm too lazy right now to link to it, but the time I gave away the free panty coupon for Victoria Secret might be my favorite. One things for sure though, these contests are my favorite part of having a blog.

In the past, I've asked for limericks, or haiku's ( though haiku's always get the short shrift because they're shorter). This time, I'm going to just limit you to fifty words or less and leave the rest up to you. A story, poem, song, however you feel moved.

In the end, I'll put the finalists up for a vote, because trying to judge these things myself can be fun, but I don't want that kind of pressure this time.

Please, only one try per person. We'll have a vote Thursday and Friday to find out the winner. Have fun!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

An apple, and a few words from me.

So, today I'm depressed.   Probably part of the reason is finishing the project of the museum window installation (I don't know about you, but after my initial "high" of finishing a big project, a bit of depression comes along and evens things out).  The other part is this ridiculous election campaign that we have going on in the U.S. right now.  

I just erased two rather wordy paragraphs to quickly get to my point-  We now have people in our country who seem to believe that one of our presidential candidates is a terrorist (?!) because that's how his opponents are trying to label him.  The downward spiral of intelligence is frightening.  Then again, maybe I just gave people ( media, politicians, and general public) too much credit in the first place.  

Anyway, here's another one for the kids.  Maybe they can straighten this mess out in their lifetimes.  Now I'm going to make some tea.  I'll be fine.  Really.

 A is for Apple.  

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Finishing my art installation today.

Today I'll be down at IMOCA finishing the installation piece that I created for their front window. I hope those of you around the Indianapolis area will be able to drop by during the next few months and check it out.   

Right across the street from the museum is a bar/pub that has a really good beef brisket barbeque sandwich.  I recommend it.  Especially if it's a nice day and you can sit on the balcony.

That is all.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another one for the kids

A few posts ago, I posted "C is for Curious Cotton Creatures", but I've changed my mind.    I'm going to say now that C is for Cookie Clean-up, or something like that.  Or maybe it's S is for Sprinkles, I don't know.

Friday, September 26, 2008

P is for Pizza Party

I'm going to do some aimed more at kids. Don't worry, I'll still be posting some sick and twisted stuff too.

Also, I got a note from my friend Noah, from, and thought I'd pass it along-

I am extremely happy to announce that my book "SKULLS" will officially be in US stores the first week of October!
It features 150 annotated images from the first half of my Skull-A-Day project (it had to go to print in February to come out now!), including a few DIY skulls and work by fans.

It's already for sale online at places like (, Powells' ( and Barnes & Noble (, though I encourage you to order it from your local independent bookstore (if you still have one) via Indie Bound (

Noah is a great guy that I got to collaborate with on an image. I really enjoyed his work of making a skull out of a new medium every single day for a year. I hope you all check out his book when you get a chance.