Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How Business Was Done In Old Bombay

People have suggested using a staple remover as an object since forever, but I wasn't very interested. Today, I felt inspired after seeing this one in my managers' desk (we'll see how long til it's missed). [edit- It took about 48 hours. Turns out someone from work reads my blog occasionally. Note to self- be more careful!]

I had taken some wire and some pliers to work today, not knowing what I was going to make. I found the remover right before lunch, and managed to pretty much finish making this between my lunch hour and last break. We've had this great basket for a few months, and the thought of using it for this image popped into my head as soon as I saw the staple remover.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Conversation Hearts (A terrible tasting candys' horrific origins).

No Peeps Were Harmed In the Making of This Image (I waited until they all died of natural causes).

[edit- I told you it would be sick. I'll try for something really heartwarming next time...heh]

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

If the state that I lived in sprouted arms and legs, it would look like this-

Placed purposefully in the middle of Indiana, is the city of Indianapolis. Known to some as India-no-place, Naptown, the Circle City. It's known for a really big race track, and a big monument in the middle of town that we string lights on, then call it "The Worlds' Biggest Christmas Tree". Indianapolis is also the home of the drug company that invented prozac, the drug that is liberally dumped into the citys' water supply whenever the local NFL franchise loses early in the playoffs.

I've lived here all my life. I've traveled the world, from Cairo, Egypt, to Malibu, California, but I keep coming back to Indianapolis. Why? Because, just like my parents, and my grandparents before them, I just don't know any better. Well, that's not entirely true, there are a lot of good points about living here. Plus I know all the short cuts around town, and hardly ever get lost. If I moved now, I'd be asking for directions for the next five years.

Supposedly, I'll have a few of this blogs images published in a local weekly tabloid run by the Indianapolis Star, the big daily paper around these parts. I'd like to say welcome to any new local people who happen by. I hope to double my Indianapolis blog visitors, thanks to this great p.r. That's right, I hope to get up to six hits from Indianapolis today. If you see me around town, feel free to buy me an imported beer as a hearty congratulations for my book deal! I'll gladly autograph a cocktail napkin for you!

Any Indianapolis readers that are still reading this with a sense of humor, please leave me a comment. Tell the world something about Indianapolis that only a citizen of our fair city would know.

[edit- 7 p.m. - My wife comes home and says she read this post at work and thought I was negative about Indianapolis. Hey, I like my home town, but I reserve the right to make fun of it or anything else I want to. I just hope the city council doesn't show up on my front lawn with torches and pitchforks.]

Monday, January 21, 2008

Time to nominate an object! (edit- the polls are closed!)

For those who are new at this little blog, every so often I take suggestions of what objects(s) to use in an image. If you have something in mind, then mention your object first, then mention the object that someone else already named, so that we can have some sort of voting on what's popular. Warning- if you mention a whole list of things, I will only count the first on the list.

Remember that you don't have to give me ideas on what to do with the objects, that's the fun part for me! hehe

If you aren't a regular here, maybe you want to take a go through some of my older images to see if I've already used the object you were thinking of.

Some winners of past Bent Objects nominations--

Olive and a Gherkin, for "Relishing Life...and Death"

Chapstick, for "This Chap Sticks the Landing"

And candy corn, which appeared as "Halloween Candy".

The vote winner will be announced Friday morning!
Good Luck!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

America is asking for change

"To stand up for these Americans, I don’t want to settle for anything less than real change, fundamental change – change we need – change that we can believe in." Barack Obama

"This is a message of change that will sweep across this country." John Edwards

"The challenges of change are always hard." Hillary Clinton

"Change is coming." John McCain

"If ever there's been a time we needed change in Washington, it's now." Mitt Romney

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I think he ended up drinking the whole bottle.

This is obviously a detail shot of the previous image. There was some confusion as to what beverage he was enjoying. Definitely more of a merlot drinker.

I counted them up the other day, and I have a dozen planned out images in my sketch book, ready to roll. Which one is next? It's the one I thought of just yesterday. Last night I started making a tiny United States.