Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Rethinking the acronym- S.O.S.A.D.

Strangely Orange Snack Appreciation Day. When I was writing that, I wasn't thinking about the acronym, but I obviously should have given it more thought (but, as is my habit, I'm making most of this up as I go along).

First, thanks to Scott, On with the blather, Elena, and Katie Alender for pointing out the acronym. Before this movement really takes off, I think that we should give that some more thought. I mean, this should be a happy day, right? But SOSAD doesn't sound so happy. I really like Katies' creation of OSNAP (Orange Snack Nibblers Appreciation Day), even though I'm choosing to do make a whole day of it, which is more than just a nibble. I realize that any sane people out there who join in will just join in symbolically with a cheez-it, and/or a glass of juice.

Anyway, please feel free to leave your opinion in the comment section.

While you're thinking about OSNAP, or SOSAD, or whatever, here's another poor circus peanut. One of the commenters (cm?) was asking where I got my inspiration for these. Well, this one is courtesy of too many cartoons watched as a child (but it's finally paying off for me!).