Tuesday, May 20, 2008

S.O.S.A.D. T-Shirt

An official t-shirt! Are you kidding me? I finally have something for sale? Unbelievable.
I've even got mugs and buttons too. I'm totally selling out, people!

It took three tries, but we finally figured out what kind of image looks good on these direct print shirts. The image is supposed to last, and I couldn't see much shrinkage after washing (the shirt, that is).

For those of you who don't remember, I invented a day to celebrate weird orange snacks (Strangely Orange Snack Appreciation Day). Why? Why not? If Hallmark can invent a holiday, then the rest of us can too, darn it! Here's my Cafepress store.

On another note, I need to gather ideas of orange food and drink, because I've chosen to ONLY eat and drink that color on June 21st, 2008. That will be the first official S.O.S.A.D., and is usually also the Summer Solstice (except this year, when it inconveniently falls on the previous day). I was thinking, maybe I should ask Bent Objects visitors to help make up my menu for that day. Feel free to leave your ideas in the comment section!