Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A sharp cat, and a dull wit.

There once was a cat

who rarely ever sat

for it's a** grew red

it's mood turned blue

After each and every

# 2 .

I would have liked the poem to work a bit better, but it's getting late. Yeah, that's a good excuse.

We went shopping for school supplies today, and after we got what we came for, I bought a few things for Bent Objects. I bought this and a few other things that I have ideas for that I'll be posting then putting in my Etsy shop. Feel free to visit there and look around.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Ten Year Old Self

This is me at 8, not 10, but nevertheless.
I was thinking this morning that my ten year old self would be somewhat disappointed that I wasn't a millionaire by now. I'd respond that it's harder than it looks, and if he would have studied a little more who knows what would have happened! ha! A Facebook friend mentioned that his ten year old self wanted to be an astronaut, so "I guess they all get to be disappointed."

Terry the ten year old would definitely be surprised with some of the other goals that I have achieved, even if they haven't meant the great financial rewards he had hoped for. I've checked quite a few things off my list that I made a little later in life, with several more to go.

I also remember that I looked forward to buying a certain canned chocolate drink (Choc-Cola, I believe it was called) whenever I wanted to(!) when I grew up. I don't believe that brand exists anymore (besides, my treat drink taste buds have turned to iced coffees and beer these days) but sometimes I buy something that reminds me of that stuff, just because. Kind of like keeping a promise to the little person that I was, all those years ago.

Of course, feel free to comment about the thoughts of your little 10 year old self.

Plus- This just in- I finally find out who has been filling the internets with good stuff. Chipmunks, legos, and Star Wars- Here. I've seen his stuff floating around a lot lately.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Artist and His Model

I've made this image available in my Etsy Store, as well as several others, including what many people consider to be one of my best. That one and another are of questionable (if minty) taste, so consider yourself warned.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Frida Be Different.

A postcard that I picked up at the Tate Modern in London. She woke up today wanting to make a change.

Prints available for purchase at my Etsy thingy.

When we were planning our recent vacation, some people were kind enough to give recommendations for where to stay and what to see. I'm happy to say that I now have a recommendation for those of you who will be visiting Paris anytime soon- Le Bonbon au Palais Confiserie.

It's not a large place, maybe 15 by 22 feet inside, but it is filled with beautiful lidded glass containers of the best candies of France. There aren't any Snickers bars or gumballs to be found (although there is definitely a time and a place for those), this is the place to come and enjoy the most beautiful and classically French sweets that you will ever see.

We were given a tour of the shop by the owner, Georges. He was extremely friendly and helpful on giving us some insight on his collection. "I buy the best product of each region of France" he announced with enthusiasm. The freshest flavored marshmallows (I know that sounds strange, but you'll see), gorgeous candied pears, and square "jellies" that are infused with such a variety of flavors. If Willy Wonka sold candy instead of making it, this is the kind of magical place that I can imagine that happening. Just fantastic, that's all.

Le Bonbon au Palais
19, Rue Monge
Paris 5e

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tired Traveller

Heading home tomorrow. Left this little traveller in a Parisian alley.

We've had a good time, but are ready to be back in our little house back home.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Walking Nude In Paris

The night before her wedding day, she had a dream that she was walking nude through Paris. She tried to act like nothing unusual was happening, but people noticed, and there was a person with a camera, taking her picture for his blog.

The postcard object is a reproduction of a painting belonging to the Tate Modern, London. Artist of "Honeymoon Nude" is John Currin,1998. 

I didn't leave her on the streets in Paris. I'm taking her home with me.

Stones and Chopsticks

edit-10 seconds after I posted this, I realized that I should have titled this post "Sticks and Stones". That's what I get for posting too early in the morning!
Yesterday we went to the Pompidou Museum to see a special exhibition that I've been really excited to see- "Calder, the Paris Years".  It was really fantastic seeing so many of his wire pieces in person after reading about them in books.
Afterward, I made these walking stick/chopstick bugs and left them outside the museum. Sort of an offering I guess.  I also gave a poster to the museum's bookstore. They had a wide variety of books, so you never know, maybe they'll use it somehow, someday. 

We then walked along the Seine, where I dropped this character off. His head and body contain two stones that I picked up from the banks of the River Thames, as it flows through London.