Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stones and Chopsticks

edit-10 seconds after I posted this, I realized that I should have titled this post "Sticks and Stones". That's what I get for posting too early in the morning!
Yesterday we went to the Pompidou Museum to see a special exhibition that I've been really excited to see- "Calder, the Paris Years".  It was really fantastic seeing so many of his wire pieces in person after reading about them in books.
Afterward, I made these walking stick/chopstick bugs and left them outside the museum. Sort of an offering I guess.  I also gave a poster to the museum's bookstore. They had a wide variety of books, so you never know, maybe they'll use it somehow, someday. 

We then walked along the Seine, where I dropped this character off. His head and body contain two stones that I picked up from the banks of the River Thames, as it flows through London.