Saturday, October 24, 2009

Doodling books while I look for leaves...

Searching for some good leaves for the next Bent Objects image.
Only the best leaf will do for my Bent Objects visitors.

Meanwhile, while I'm coming up with an idea involving leaves, several people have asked about signed copies of the book. I'll tell you the truth, trying to arrange appearances (speaking/book signing) is not something I have enjoyed. My talk/signing at The Indiana Historical Society December 5th will be it for now.
But I have another possibility for you-
I'm offering autographed copies that I'll gladly personalize,
with doodles (I don't draw, I doodle)
of all sorts for $40 + shipping.

U.S. shipping is $4, Canada and Mexico- $7, and everywhere else is $15.

I'm also still offering personalized, signed book plates for just $2 each total.

Use the "Donate" button on the sidebar to pay the $40 plus appropriate shipping.
You can email me, (Go ahead, don't be scared, I'm a fairly nice fella).

Wish me luck with the leaves!
I'm drinking lots of caffeine and thinking about Autumn! Such hard work.
Bitchin Lifestyle has an interview of me here. Very cool site.