Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fruit with life experience.

I made this fella up quite a while ago to show the people of American Greetings Card Company. He's definitely one of my smallest Bent Objects "people" yet, and he's lasted a long time off to the side of my photo table.

American Greetings is producing several cards with Bent Objects on them, to be sold exclusively by Target. I've seen a couple of them in the stores already, with some more to come next year. Pretty surreal seeing my stuff in there.

I'm really thankful for the reviews that I've gotten on the book so far. Feel free to tell all your friends. Of course, maybe you don't want to tell them, because you're planning on buying a copy to give them as a present? Yes, that sounds like a fantastic idea! Good thinking on your part! You are so awesome!

I'm giving a presentation, a bit like the one here, December 5th at the Indiana Historical Society, with loads of other authors. I'll be signing books for several hours, and I hope anyone in the area will stop by and say hi (it's free). I'm also on the lookout for other bookstores and such who would like me to do the same thing in their super cool establishments. Keep in mind, I'll be driving my old clunker, so distance can be an issue!