Thursday, April 22, 2010

We Were Made For Each Other


Keely was picked by random as the winner of the book give-away!

Keely said on 3:13 PM
1. Learn to "sideways stop" on hockey skates.
2. Own horses.
3. See the pyramids.

Keely, message me at to claim your prize.  I've done #3 on your list, but I'm hapless on skates, and I have no longing to clean up piles of horse sh*t.

I learned that an awful lot of people want to either skydive and/or learn Japanese(?).  Thanks for everyone's comments. They were interesting to read through.  And don't cry if you never win anything, because neither do I.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Adverse Side Effects

This is why he never sits at the bar.

Also- Why did the chicken cross the road? Because he was on his way to Switzerland. 
Yes, I'm happy to say that the Spring Chicken has been sold. 
 So long chicken! We'll miss you, but the mountain air will do you good.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The D.N.B.A.

The Doodled Note Book Association 
If you watch it much, you know what I mean.

(edit- if you click on it, you may be able to tell that I started modeling him on Lil' Wayne, 
not an NBA player)

Also, I count this as my favorite critic giving me a thumbs up (it made my week, or maybe month).

Friday, April 09, 2010

Spring Chicken

I decided to post this video about a piece I made in 2006. It's been hanging in our living room, and I've always been very happy with it, but since the piece I posted yesterday sold so quickly, I thought I'd put something bigger on here. It's a bit more costly too ($1500 asking price). If no one buys it, it's quite comfortable in our house, and I'll be able to show it in my career retrospective in the year 2050.

Have space in your house or business? Contact me. (edit- Sold.)

I promise the next post will be some genuine lil' Bent Objects. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Bosch Bud Vase

I made this last year, but just got around to putting it on video. It's hard to appreciate in still photos (Yes, I'm sure there are some who still don't appreciate it, but I beat you to the punch on that one, didn't I?).

My daughter is demanding a brand name cereal, so he's for sale. $250 will get you this piece, and a signed and doodled in copy of Bent Objects; The Secret Life of Everyday Things (incredible deal, yes, but again- I need cereal).

Contact me here if interested. [Edit- Sold! My daughter gets to have some cereal that she recognizes after all. 

He also is quite steady on all fours on a table or shelf.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Are you and your partner "shmoopy-diners"?

Storekeepers from a candy store on Avenue B (1973) Bruce Davidson

We went out to lunch the other day, and we saw a young couple sitting on the same side of their booth, while leaving the other side empty. I chuckled to myself and nodded my head so my wife and daughter could see what I was grinning about.  They thought it was funny, but cute, while I just thought it was funny.

I'll be honest (and I don't think I'm alone in this), I usually imagine those couples as something like Jerry and his girlfriend in video below (when Jerry mentions "tuna-fishee", they are being especially shmoopy diners).

(thanks to @skormos for reminding me of this episode)

Of course, I sometimes figure it could be because one partner is super-clingy, and is afraid that the other might try to escape. Or maybe one of them wants to make sure that everyone knows their dinner date is taken.  But I was genuinely curious, so I asked my Twitter and Facebook friends about this whole thing, and I actually learned of some half decent reasons.