Friday, December 03, 2010

I only have dice for you.

Yes, I know how bad that title is.

With the holiday's fast approaching, for those who may be buying techie gifts, this may be helpful- Uncle Mark's Gift Guide. It's great, and it's free.

 One of the things Mark recommends is his favorite digital camera, the Canon Powershot (of which there are many models, all which are good). I also highly recommend them, and I actually shot the first half of my book with one! 

And speaking of my book, it's now offered at a really ridiculously low price on Amazon. I'm a big believer at buying at real bookstores, which I do often, but I had to clue people in who might be interested in buying several copies.

One more thing- I found this illustrator who drew Star Wars like Dr. Seuss would have. Wow.