Sunday, December 12, 2010


This is an image that I've done before, and today I was working on a variation of it (an added character in the mix), but I ended up simply recreating the previous one but with a different mood. Which image is better I ask myself. The other is prettier maybe, but is so straightforward, I dunno. I like the way this seems more candid.

As I looked at the previous time I posted these characters (two years ago), I saw that I had 28 comments about it. Twenty-eight!  There were many times that I'd get over 40 comments, not counting my own. It's interesting these days, I get as many visitors, but not as many comments, and I think that's due to a couple of things-

1. My presence on Facebook and Twitter has led to people giving feedback there.

2. I think after a while, a reader can only say "great work" or "love it" so many times. Pretty soon they just comment when they feel they have something to add to the conversation, or when they have something witty to say, and that takes more time than most of us have.

3. I don't usually follow up on comments here anyway (what a jerk!). Every once in a while I'll say a "Thanks all!", but although I read all the comments, replying takes energy which I don't have. Sort of rude? Probably. That's what I would think.

4. I don't ask questions or opinions of my visitors. Most times I'm not touching on some hot topic that we need to debate. That's just not what this blog is about, is it?
To those of you who like to comment- thank you, of course. To others who just like to pop in and see what I'm doing lately, that's cool too. I will keep making things for people to see either way.

edit- This isn't a request somehow for more comments! After rereading it, maybe it could come across that way, but I'm more than happy with however many I get. No pity-party for me, thanks! There are a few great blogs out there that I visit which sometimes don't get any, so I'm more than happy with how things are.