Sunday, September 23, 2012

PressPausePlay (the entire film about today's creative culture)

PressPausePlay from House of Radon on Vimeo.

This film is about the present state of music, art, books, film making, etc. Well, it blew my mind a little. I've been thinking of this same stuff- the democratization of creativity and the advantages and disadvantages of it... and yet it tells where we are right now much better than I could ever hope to. I was so excited to share it with you, it was hard at times to concentrate on watching it. 

Yes, these are scary times for people in the arts, but these are pivotal times, groundbreaking times, and wonderful times also.


Saturday, September 01, 2012


Big enough file for a background.

Thanks to Whitley Peanuts for the large variety of peanuts and cashews they sent me.