Monday, December 10, 2012

Prizes Prizes Prizes

Write a limerick and win a prize! The theme must be New Year's Resolutions. No extra points for mentioning me or this blog. In fact, that is very likely to lose points for you. Limericks can be left here or on my Facebook page, or Google+ page.

I'll be giving away a these three items. First prize gets first choice. Deadline is Thursday at midnight, Eastern Standard Time, Winning limericks chosen and posted Friday. Good luck!

Fine print- Only for people in the U.S., unless an International entrant would like to pay for shipping, then go ahead and enter. I'm not made of money you know!

Of course, you could also buy them if you felt like it. Hint hint.  


First place and first choice of prize goes to Angie-

This new years I think that I've landed
On diets and leaving carbs stranded.
But after some time
I'll probably find
That my husband has caught me bread-handed.

Second prize has been awarded to Linda from the Bent Objects Facebook page-

There's not much I can pledge for next year
Since I don't know if we'll all be here
If I think like a Mayan
I'll only be tryin'
to stifle my December fear

And third prize goes to One Faller- 

Resolutions: they come and they go
In winter, they're easy to sow
In spring it's much harder
When filling the larder
To remember things said in the snow

Contact me at BentObjects at G mail with your addresses and choices (we'll work it out).