Sunday, May 12, 2013

On the Road.

Last year I made a book (but it's not a book, it's just a story), somewhat awkwardly, about the life of a young peanut. The above image is from that book (story), which still just exists in my computer. What will ever happen to it, I don't know, but the experience helped me write the book that I have a contract from Philomel (an imprint of Penguin) to begin making real this week. 

I'm excited, and a little bit nervous because I wrote the story. All I've ever really done are single images-- stories distilled into one single frame.  I seem to have so far fooled the publisher into thinking this one is good enough to make happen. So wish me luck. Like the character above, 
I'm about to start on a journey, and although I think I know what I'm doing, 
we'll have to see if I really do!

Friday, May 03, 2013

My local public tv station made a segment about Bent Objects

The producer and segment host, Aric Hartvig also enjoys brain sandwiches (love the credits).

Remember to support your local public radio and television stations!