Monday, August 25, 2014

A video I made for MasterCard. Don't blink!

Making this was challenging, but the harder part was thinking of something funny for a family of waffles to do that ends happy in under 6 seconds. I'm pleased with it.

Post by MasterCard.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

My new book is out, but I won't link you to it.

When my past Bent Objects books came out I posted links here and on social media to make it as easy as possible to purchase it. Why am I not doing that this time?

1. The largest chain in the U.S., Barnes & Noble Book Sellers has gone out of their way to display my latest book and is including it in a program of readings of children's books, and I am thankful.  So why should I drop breadcrumbs that lead you to another place? Doesn't seem right.

2. Many other independent bookstores are doing the same, and I am thankful to them also. Can I post links to them all? No.

3. I like going to real bookstores, they're some of my favorite places to wander, so I've decided not to point you away from real brick and mortar places. It seems self-defeating. The money I'm losing by not directing you to my Amazon page won't make up for those trips to book shops.

4. I'm an artist and not a business person. A business person would say "Here, push this button and buy my product". Me? I say "Are you too busy or lazy to do Google the darn thing?" This is one reason why I'm not wealthy.

Should you feel guilty for buying on-line? No. I realize that is how much of the world works now, but can you please find your own link? Is that too much to ask?  Hey, I'm just incredibly grateful to ALL the different retailers who are selling my book, and it seems unfair for me to point you to a specific place when a shopkeeper in a small town in Iowa might be putting my book in their front window.

The End.

p.s. Please buy my book.